Innovating Aerospace with Digital Twin Technology

Transform aerospace maintenance and inspections with Fabrik.
Aerospace professionals can now harness the power of spatial computing right where it's needed most, on-site.

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3D Interactive Platform for Aircraft Maintenance Documentation

A comprehensive tool to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of inspection records.

Designed for compatibility

Access and utilize the platform's features conveniently on any device, even while working in hangars or on the flight line.

Checklist Integration

Incorporate customizable inspection checklists, ensuring a systematic approach to each inspection and adherence to regulatory standards.

Annotation and Markup

Annotate on images and 3D models, allowing inspectors to highlight areas of concern, add notes, and provide detailed descriptions of any issues identified during the inspection.
What we offer
Digital map for maintenance of your aircraft fleet.
A visual layer that digitises the end-to-end aircraft lifecycle management during the many decades of service.
A proactive approach to identifying and fixing issues before they would cause business interruptions or safety concerns.
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Digitized manuals
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Higher productivity
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Digital Map For Maintenance Of Your Aircraft Fleet

Digital Map For Maintenance Of Your Aircraft Fleet

Fabrik's digital twin provides aircraft's current health, part availability, repair schedule & maintenance history. Bridging the digital gap between OEM & MROs.

May 16, 2022

Acumen and Fabrik Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement

Acumen and Fabrik Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement

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