Industrial Vision Intelligence

Advanced Technology for Practical Impact.
Fabrik brings a new era of Visual Intelligence to your industry by bridging the gap between research in computer vision and real-world implementations.
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Custom Vision Technologies to meet your unique needs

We combine the capabilities of OCR and Computer Vision to deliver robust and practical solutions for real-life needs of industries across the board.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology started with a computer to read text aloud. Today this technology is an essential part of every business for text recognition to extract and repurpose data from scanned documents, camera photos, and image-only PDFs.

Computer Vision (CV)

Computer vision takes it up a notch, leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract information and develop a high-level understanding of the surrounding from images or videos.
Tyre PIN tracing with tablet/smartphone replacing machine vision systems
How is Industrial Vision System (IVI) Used?

Part Identification Number (PIN) Traceability on Tyres with Computer Vision

Fabrik's IVI (ivy) allows manufacturing industries to reduce expenses by replacing expensive heavy machine vision systems with handheld devices while achieving the same tasks with improved accuracy.
Reduction in Hardware Investment
Overall Equipment Efficency
Advanced Text Detection

Not Your Normal OCR

The current OCR software is confined to scanning data from printed or handwritten documents in a specific uniform typeface.
Fabrik’s OCR goes beyond paper and extract texts in all real-world objects. Scan formats ranging from embossed/engraved typing to all types of printing.
Feature and Design Detection

Designs Aligned,
Defects Declined

Current vision systems require heavy machinery and devices with excellent GPU power to detect special characters, graphic design and other visual media.
Fabrik offers simplified design quality inspection, object detection, barcode/QR code reading, and surface inspection by employing feature detection algorithms in its platform which makes it accessible even on mobile phones.

No heavy machinery. No extra hands. Just precise verification.

feature matching - computer vision
Augmented Reality Assistance

Let AR be your guide!

Detection algorithms today loose it's accuracy with a slight change orientation which leads to a halt/indefinite extension of the process or a complete error in the results.
Fabrik utilizes it's expertise in Augmented Reality (marker-based AR) to enhance it detection accuracy and make the process 10x faster and simpler for the users.
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Comparing Fabrik vs current machine vision system

Scaling made simple

Current Computer vision applications use cloud to execute the detection and verification process which is extremely expensive for each scan, making it difficult for industries to utilize this technology at a large scale. 

Fabrik’s CV application runs detection and verification on your device and can be integrated into the industry software ecosystem with ease. Making it economically scalable.
Coming Soon

Depth Detection

With the help of advanced computer vision we are able to detect design and text on objects with varying depth.
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