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Deliver Excellence with Spatial Project Management

Converging property information management and precise BIM coordination, all effortlessly in a clean 3D environment.
Colorful gradientImmersive Architecture and Construction Project Management Tool
Data Visualization

IFC Viewer with BIM Data Overlay

Experience the project's full journey: blueprints, construction plans, live updates on progress and expenses – all in one dynamic 3D space!
Data made simple for all stakeholders in an immersive environment accessible on any preferred device.
Comprehensive project overview with a user-friendly BOM (Bill of Materials) display.
Stay ahead of project demands through precise forecasting and resource anticipation.
Online IFC Viewer with BIM data

Shared Vision in 3D

Connect with teammates, clients and other stakeholders within the 3D environment. Giving a vivid understanding to all the players in the project.
Maintain consistency of information across all stakeholders, thereby mitigating the risk of litigation and financial losses from subsequent construction alterations.
Integrated approval system featuring insightful comments, fostering consensus, obtaining sign-offs, and ensuring meticulous role allocation at each project phase.
Document collaborative interactions and maintain precise version control.
Collaboration in the IFC environment
Dashboard mockup
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Effortlessly extract intricate expense reports, resource data, and annotated approvals along with action items that smoothly fit into any document style.
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