Real-Time BIM Data Where You Need It Most : On-Site BIM Technology

Fabrik brings Revit IFC models to the field.
Get access to an interactive 3D interface and simplify coordination, progress tracking, and issue management through any device.
Colorful gradientImmersive Architecture and Construction Project Management Tool

Open up a new dimension in construction management with our feature-rich platform.

3D platform

Unified 3D Platform

All-in-one for seamless coordination: Immediate BIM access, customizable 3D, and project tools, for success on the go.



Personalized key project variables such as material usage, daily costs, progress updates, etc. all within an interactive 3D interface.



Our platform is designed with mobility in mind. Stakeholders can easily share insights, update plans, and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date BIM data.

Fast Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Speed is essential in construction. That's why Fabrik is designed for rapid deployment, enabling swift setup, ensuring your project management is efficient from the start.


Ease of use & Support

Fabrik's interface is designed to be user-friendly and approachable. With minimal training, users can exploit the full potential of BIM data, from examining specific elements to assessing overall project progress.

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Use Case - Constructing Clarity

Simplifying Construction Design Approvals in 3D

In a move that sets a new standard in construction, one of Japan's super general contractors embraces Fabrik, for simpler compliance and global consensus.
Our vision: surpassing boundaries for peak project efficiency.
Dynamic BIM Integration: Seamlessly upload and visualize Building Information Modeling data within the3D environment, enhancing clarity and collaboration in real-time.
Efficient Decision-Making: Accelerate the approval cycle with a user-friendly interface, supporting faster sign-offs and reducing the risk of costly post-construction revisions.
Interactive Approval Interface: Offer stakeholders a dynamic 3D space for design decisions, accessible from anywhere, on any device.
IFC model for design review
Next-Gen Property Management

Building Digital Twins with Fabrik

Creating digital twins for one of the key players in the Indian real estate industry to build and manage their millions of sq. ft. of properties . This project has started with aggregation of Revit files as 3D BIM baseline for the digital twins
Data Unification: Fabrik's web-based platform centralizes scattered PLM & SCADA data, 3D models, and IoT information, making asset management and monitoring more cohesive and actionable.
Collaborative Suite: The Fabrik Collaborate Suite, with tools for in-app communication and annotations, enhances real-time team coordination and decision-making on construction projects.
3D Work Instructions: Leveraging alerts from digital twins, Fabrik creates detailed 3D work instructions, facilitating immediate and accurate on-site responses for maintenance and repairs, directly from a handheld device.
Collaboration in the IFC environment
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