Spatial Solutions for Energy Facility Management

Bringing Digital Twin Technology to the forefront of energy management, ensuring robust asset health and efficient operations through seamless data integration and analytics for immediate and evolving benefits
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Operational Digital Twin
Maintenance Digital Twin
ICCC of Smart City
Digital Work Instructions
Safety Operations
  • Aggregate critical data from multiple sources into a unified platform.

  • Right information at the right time for technicians to take corrective resolutions.

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  • Real time data mapping and comparison of IoT sensor data.

  • Quick decision making for hazardous situations to avoid high temperature and gas accumulation.

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  • Integrated Command and Control Center(ICCC) that takes dashboards from multiple ICCC subsystems to display in virtual reality.

  • A collaborative option to allow multiple VR users to participate in the same virtual ICCC.

  • An asset record with information like breakdown history, environment and performance parameters to avoid any technical risks.

  • Just in time smart documentation for optimizing and integrating maintenance processes across all the assets in the grid.

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  • Technicians can arrive at resolutions and get critical information on a 3D platform without having to go through pages of manual.

  • Ensure worker's safety by rectifying anomalies of mission critical equipment through its digital twin.

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What we offer
Enable technicians to do their job faster, accurately and without repetition.
Digital threading and twinning your critical assets improving overall equipment effectiveness by upto 15%.
Digital work instructions bridge knowledge gap thereby improving training time by up to 20%.
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Quick to implement
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Digitized manuals
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Higher productivity
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