Spatial Computing Infrastructure
for Critical Operations

Elevate your team's critical operations
with our top-tier spatial computing platform.
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A Fully Integrated Suite of Spatial Products for Industries

Enhance operations efficiency, ensure data-driven decisions, and drive innovation with our fully integrated platform. Use Fabrik to cover all your spatial computing-needs, from facility monitoring with digital twins to enhancing workforce skills with immersive trainings.

Digital Twins

Manage and Improve performance, Industry-wide

Monitor process quality in real-time,  track status of assets throughout their lifecycle and ensure safety and regulatory complaince at all times.
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Virtual Reality Training

Elevate Performance and Compliance of your Workforce

Rapidly develop, update and deploy industrial trainings that strengthen skill acquisition, cut down training expenses and integrate training automation
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Bring Innovation to your Enterprise

with Industry-Specific Smart Solutions

Serving Mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and beyond, We Know What Your Business Needs to Succeed


Digital Twin

Visualize, simulate, and analyze your assets and operations in a virtual environment, enabling informed decision-making.

VR Compliance Trainings

Deploy immersive AR/VR work instructions across any factory floor with post-deployment customization capabilities.

Computer Vision

With ~99% accuracy rate, our OCR-CV solution provides robust detection and verification for pivotal real-world applications.
Bring Innovation to your Enterprise

with Industry-Specific Smart Solutions

A Spatial Computing-Driven Future
Across All Sectors



A immersion hub for architecture project management. Visualize and collaborate within the immersive environment ensuring sync among all stakeholders.


Complete digitization of aircraft inspection and maintenance continuum. Comprehensive 3D documentation of entire fleet's lifecycle to reduce aircraft downtime substantially.


Monitor your entire energy facility with an integrated digital twin and on-site digital work instructions. Ensuring consistent efficiency, regardless of skill differences.
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