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The Fabrik of Space

Our promise is to weave innovation and bridge the human-machine divide by making critical machines used in day-to-day  activities intuitive for users to understand & manage them. Build a no code metaverse with Fabrik that transcends across all screens, and on any device.

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Our Journey

July 2018
Fabrik is a Private Limited entity, after securing our first paying customer
November 2018
A 5-person team (2engineering, 1 3D artist, and 2 leadership. We were building inhouse technology team after we got our second paying customer
March 2019
Fabrik-as-a-platform is seeded. Closed the first year of existence with revenues
September 2019
First pilot customer in the education sector for no-code AR tool for kids
December 2019
Five paying customers – Fabrik platform is deployed
March 2020
First full financial year, doubled revenues from previous year
September 2020
A 10-person team (5 engineering, 2 sales, 2 design, and 1 leadership)
December 2020
Ten paying customers – Secured a 5-year contract with a smart city
March 2021
Profitable year – 4x previous year’s revenues
September 2022
Expanded globally, securing strategic key partnerships in Japan and an invitation to CES 2023 with LG Nova.
June 2023
Advanced Computer Vision innovation, focusing on research and practical development to broaden the platform's scope
December 2023
Extended services to AEC project management, collaborating with industry giants.

Our People Think Tank is backed by experts in various fields including Marketing, Engineering, Product, Sales and Idea wizards who are spirited and extremely passionate about our mission.

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Puneet Badrinath - Founder & CEO
Puneet Badrinath
Founder & CEO
Antony Adhiban - Product Manager
Antony Adhiban
Cofounder & Product
Mohit Manoj - Chief of Staff & Sales
Mohit Manoj
Chief of Staff
Jagriti Kumar - Marketing Executive
Jagriti Kumar
Chief Evangelist
Syed Khadeer - Frontend Developer & UI/UX
Syed Khadeer
Chief Customer Success
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Join our team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
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