Digital Work Instructions

Simplify complex and intricate operating procedures through interactive and intuitive guidance that aids workers to perform with higher accuracy consistently and improve safety.
Experience the future of factory operations with Fabrik's cutting-edge technology.

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AR representation of complex industrial equipment
Immersive step by step work instructions

Convert Complex Modules into 3D Experiences with Ease

Effortlessly create immersive and interactive SOPs with our no code web based application. Whether it's AR, VR or XR, bring your lessons to life with just a few clicks.

Scale Across the Industry

Fabrik helps you equip every step of the assempbly line with accurate digital work instructions that are just a URL/QR code away. Scale across any business function for any kind of factory floor.

3D SOPs across the factory
VR work instructions

Make Onboarding Training Cost Effective and Efficient

Provide new hires with Virtual Reality that simulate real-life scenarios leading to better knowledge transfer in a shorter span of time. Lower costs and improve learning today.

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