Virtual Reality Training

The easiest way to build and scale VR Trainings

Fabrik brings together everything you need to deliver VR training solutions, from immersive safety drills to seamless onboarding and real-time collaboration, ensuring your team is prepared and proficient across all operation areas.
Innovate Training and Execution

How it works?

Instantly Collaborate for Custom VR Training

Our experts will work with your team to draft customized VR experience tailored to your industry requirements. Our collaborative approach ensures that the VR training scenarios we develop are perfectly aligned with your industry-specific needs, providing a realistic and engaging learning environment.

Build Immersive Experiences Efficiently

Once the blueprint is approved, our streamlined development process, refined through years of expertise, allows us to deliver comprehensive VR experiences within 2-3 weeks, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum impact.

Deploy Flexibly and Seamlessly

Choose the deployment option that best fits your organization’s infrastructure. Whether you prefer cloud-based access or on-premise installation, we ensure a smooth and efficient rollout, so your team can start training without delay.

One Platform, Unmatched Training Versatility

Fabrik can replace multiple systems typically used to deploy VR trainings across your industry. Give your operations, support and L&D teams the tools they need to create, deploy and optimize VR training experiences seamlessly.

Deploy across the industry with one URL

Our 3D trainings are designed for scalability. Create your modules once and distribute as many times as needed easily with a single URL.

Enhance Trainings with Live Support

Fabrik facilitates seamless remote collaboration within your training session. Connect with experts on-the-go, ensuring teams have access to knowledge and support anytime, anywhere.

Easy Onboarding, Continuous Improvements

Empower your team to take control of heir training experiences with our no-code platform, allowing for easy iterations and improvements even after deployment

Flexibility Across Devices

Our platform is compatible with all VR headsets and offers a seamless 3D experience on any smart device, ensuring seamless experience regardless of the device your team uses

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