The ROI of Investing in 3D Training: Is it Worth the Cost?

Jagriti Kumar
October 20, 2023
4 min read

Training is a crucial part of organisational growth, playing a pivotal role in onboarding, safety, skill development, and the consistent propagation of company values and methodologies. Historically, companies have had to invest significantly in both in-house and external trainers, seminars, and a plethora of modules to deliver this essential information. In fact, recent data Published by Statista Research Department, Sep 26, 2023 suggests that companies spend 1,300 U.S. dollars per worker on training alone.

However, the narrative is changing.

Today, businesses have the opportunity to leverage the wonders of 3D technology, enhancing their training sessions in ways previously deemed unattainable. With tools that allow real-time feedback, promote collaboration within the training environment, and even provide augmented reality experiences, the landscape of corporate training is undergoing a profound transformation.

Let's delve into the impact of 3D training on businesses across the board, exploring its myriad benefits and its potential to revolutionise the industry.

Impact on Employees

When employees first encounter 3D technology in their workplace training, there's a buzz of excitement. The introduction of cutting-edge tech brings with it a sense of novelty and rejuvenation. No longer is training viewed as just another mundane task or a box to be ticked. Instead, it becomes an immersive journey that captures attention and fuels the curiosity to learn.

Imagine being a new employee and, instead of flipping through a manual or watching dated videos, you're handed a headset and ushered into a virtual environment where you can interact, explore, and experiment. It’s not just about passively consuming information. With 3D technology, employees have the liberty to learn from their mistakes in real-time, without the fear of causing any tangible damage or loss. This safety net encourages exploration and fosters a deeper understanding of processes and methodologies.

Moreover, the individualised nature of 3D training ensures that everyone, regardless of their learning pace, gets an opportunity to practise and master skills. This not only builds confidence but also ensures that every employee reaches a consistent level of competency, further driving up the overall quality of work.

According to an experimental study of the impact of virtual reality training on manufacturing operators on industrial robotic tasks - 83% of participants find the VR model helpful in familiarising with the real robot, and 75% are in favour of using the virtual tool for training novice operators. 

Impact on the Business: Transforming Training from a Cost to an Investment

For businesses, the adoption of 3D training is akin to shifting gears. The traditional view of training, often seen as a necessary expense, now transitions to being a strategic investment. With 3D technology, businesses can drastically cut down on the logistical nightmares and costs associated with physical training venues, equipment, and external trainers.

Beyond the tangible savings, there’s an increase in overall training efficiency. Employees trained through 3D modules tend to be better prepared and more confident, reducing the time-to-competence and ensuring that they become productive members of the team faster. 

Additionally, the adaptability of 3D training means that as market dynamics change or new products and services are introduced, training modules can be easily updated. This ensures that the workforce is always equipped with the latest knowledge, aligning closely with the company's evolving goals and objectives.

Lastly, in a world where brand image matters immensely, showcasing a commitment to the latest training technologies can position a business as a forward-thinking leader in its industry. This not only aids in employee retention but also becomes a compelling selling point when attracting top-tier talent.

Investing in 3D training isn't just a fleeting trend; it's a testament to the evolving nature of how we impart knowledge, skills, and values in the modern workplace. The advantages of integrating 3D technology into training modules stretch far and wide, touching every corner of an organisation, from the enthusiastic new recruit to the strategic vision of the business as a whole.

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