Digital Map For Maintenance Of Your Aircraft Fleet

Jagriti Kumar
September 12, 2022
3 min read

The aviation industry is experiencing a data overload that is fundamentally bringing a focus on the way digital data is used and managed by the OEMs, Aircraft operators and MROs.

OEMs have traditionally had mature digital data management with their high-end engineering software and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. On the other hand, the aircraft operators and MROs have very little access to this digital data in upkeep and maintenance of their valuable aircraft assets.


With maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) accounting for 11% to 15% of an operator’s annual costs aviation and aerospace organizations have an opportunity to collaboratively harness data or perpetuate a cycle of excess costs, inefficiency, and unrealized value.

MRO data generation is accelerating – and organizations admit they lack the resources to keep up. Seventy-three percent of airline and MRO leaders agree that the data volume, velocity, variety, and veracity exceed most operators’ ability to effectively drive business value.

For the MRO, operators and lessors, top on their agenda is a system that provides Affordable, Accessible and Ease of Use to the digital data thread to inspect, maintain and repair aircrafts.

Some of the points inhibiting this transition:

  • Eighty percent of C-level aviation executives and vice presidents agree that plugging these gaps in the digital thread is essential to driving value
  • Yet 50% of all respondents said their company would not be paperless in the next 24 months.
  • Structuring data for both human and machine consumption means taking paper and PDF out of the equation.
  • Continued dependence on paper records prevents laying the foundation required for any form of digital innovation

About Fabrik’s solution

Fabrik brings continuity of the digital thread in the operational and servicing parts of an aircraft’s lifecycle thereby parity with OEMs on the functional maturity from the current lopsided system. By creating a digital trail of all components of the aircraft, Fabrik creates a digital twin with the aircraft's current health, parts’ availability, repair schedule, and maintenance history.

Let’s take a simple example of aircraft inspection - by stitching a digital thread of the inspection process and creating a digital twin, we create a visual layer for extrapolating second-order inputs like

  • The kinds of repair needed, modification timelines, airworthiness of the aircraft, etc. for the MROs.
  • The real-time state of various parts of the aircraft
  • The efficiency and consumption patterns, insurance valuation, etc. for the operators and projects

For the roughly 31,000 commercial aircrafts in the air today, the digital map of fleet gives both the operators and MROs the continuity of digital thread from the OEMs and the digital twin of each aircraft without the gaps in knowledge or absence of expertise characteristic of the current way of doing things.

Fabrik's digital twin take a proactive approach, identifying and fixing issues before they would cause business interruptions, safety problems or financial issues. This ensures machinery stays in top shape with reduced risk for damage and downtime. The digital twin gives an immersive guideline to the maintenance and repair operations.

The interactive platforms also enables field engineers to track changes and make quick modifications, improving the speed of work, optimization of cycle time, and sequencing of steps. The AR-based application simplifies information at every stage of the process by utilizing an intergenerational library of knowledge to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the in field technicians across all functional areas.

Commercial and defence aviation have a long history of technology leadership, business innovation, and data-driven operations. On the consumer front, airlines have jumped at the chance to use AI and predictive analytics to better understand and engage passengers. It is time for the MRO side of the industry to follow suit. This three-dimensional handbook is based on the aircraft maintenance procedures (AMP) laid out by regulatory bodies.

Our turnkey solutions enables field engineers to track changes and make quick modifications, preventing frequent redos that delay product delivery to market, reducing market share and profitability. Our custom, value engineered solutions tailor to the needs of stakeholders at all levels of the value chain. Get in touch with us at to create a digital map for your fleet in the metaverse.

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