Moving Beyond Zoom: Redefining Team Collaboration with 3D Immersive Spaces

Jagriti Kumar
March 2, 2023
3 min read

Isn't it amazing how teams today are composed of experts from all over the world? With the pandemic, we've had to get creative with the way we communicate and collaborate, and traditional in-person meetings have been replaced by chat, audio, and video conferences through platforms like Zoom or Teams. But let's be real, while these are great and continue to add new features like whiteboards and file sharing, they still fall short in terms of depth of understanding. We need to take things to the next level and find a way to achieve the same level of efficiency we get from in-person meetings, and even surpass it.

The new era of collaboration is powered by XR technology, and is already gaining momentum, allowing people to create mind-blowing experiences. From architecture to engineering to education to entertainment, collaboration in 3D space has found applications in multiple industries. To give you an idea of how this technology is being utilized, let's take a look at some examples across different industries.

Remote assistance for critical asset design/inspection

Organizations need to transform design data into accessible information for downstream engineering, manufacturing, and product lifecycle phases. However, things like the large file sizes of 3D designs, outdated transfer software, and expensive workstations can hinder the movement of information. With Fabrik, teams can collaborate in real time, identify areas for improvement, and exponentially speed up decision making. Our web-based platform provides a secure, scalable solution for 3D collaboration, acting as a bridge between engineering and downstream teams struggling to leverage 3D product data efficiently.

Property Tours

The real estate industry is increasingly turning towards immersive site tours to offer customers a more engaging experience. By leveraging virtual reality technology, agents can provide potential buyers with a realistic and interactive tour of a property, saving time and offering a global reach. With Fabrik's 3D collaboration platform, real estate professionals can easily create and share immersive virtual tours with their clients. These tours can be customized to highlight the unique features of a property and provide an engaging and memorable experience that holds the customer's attention for longer than plain text or still images. In an age where technology is a key differentiating factor, virtual tours offer agencies alternative cost effective ways of managing properties and the customer experience.

Insurance claims settlement

With the use of our technology, users can submit real-time insurance claims and display damages with precise annotations, providing a more detailed and accurate representation of the damage. Bring key stakeholders together to conduct insurance claims irrespective of location and time. Additionally, insurers can pause real-time video feeds and open claim documentation on the customer's device, streamlining the entire claims process and improving the customer experience. The platform revolutionizes the way insurers handle claims, making the process more efficient, accurate, and convenient for both insurers and customers.

Virtual Therapy

Traditional therapy sessions can be combined with immersive collaborative space to place clients in safe, controlled, and ecologically valid situations. As a result, it offers a viable and valuable environment for safely recreating anxiety and other complex feelings. According to 2022 research in JMIR Serious Games (, virtual reality therapy in the form of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) has a reported success rate of between 66% and 90% for those with PTSD when used to enhance cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Overall, the importance of clear communication cannot be overstated. Whether they are used in the workplace, at home, or in a learning environment, the ability to effectively communicate is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed.  And that's where Fabrik comes in, a web-based platform that requires no coding and lets you create 3D experiences in just a matter of minutes. With Fabrik, collaborate with your team in the virtual worlds you create, making it easier to share ideas and work together seamlessly.

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