Virtual & Augmented Reality Kit: One-Stop Authoring Ecosystem
Experience the power of the metaverse with our unified web-based application. Build augmented, virtual, and mixed reality projects with ease and discover the endless possibilities to bring your ideas to life.

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Avatars shopping in the metaverse
no code editor platform that allows you to deploy XR projects in minutes

Speed is of the Essence

No-code editor which allows to drag and drop 3D assets, connect nodes, create and consume experiences simultaneously

Moves Like Water

Web based platform that functions independently of native apps. No downloading needed.

WebXR platform making your AR, VR or XR projects compatible with all devices like phones, tablets, laptops and wearables
Glimpse of 3D animations on the vark platform

Channelling the Inner Disney

Create animations from within the platform or add your own custom animations via node editor

Socialize Creatively

Inbuilt collaborative feature that brings in other people; allowing you to host, brainstorm or just have fun!

MetaCollab - allows you to collaborate in the 3D space

The Process

Simple Process of creating marketing campaigns and ideas with Fabrik's metaverse platform
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